A new dangerous alien race was detected in DarkOrbit during Parasite Tide event. It is not the most dangerous race but its descendants carry an infectious disease that has dramatic effects on the efficiency of human space ships. According to scientists the pathogen lowers the capacity of ships to take damage but increases damage output by 10%.

Plague debuff When a player gets infected by either an exploding Bonus Box or when hit by infectious ammunition, the following debuff is applied: • + 10% more damage • -15 % hull • -10% speed • Debuff ends after 15 minutes or on death. • EMP does not remove the effect.

Here is what an infected player looks like:

Screenshot 7

            The effect will not stack when a player gets infected while under the debuff’s influence but the timer is reset, prolonging the effect.When trying to access the Training Arena, the debuff is not counted and will be deactivated.As the debuff also affects the pilot’s perception, Mission Control will present itself differently… be wary of the voices in your head!   

Plague Bonus Boxes  

Screenshot 8

When trying to collect the Bonus Boxes there is a chance that the boxes are infected and will spread the disease to the collecting players and anyone around them. A timer will inform you that you have three seconds to evade and avoid the effect.

The area of effect is displayed to everyone and looks like this:


Screenshot 9

            The boxes would appear on all company maps From X-1 to x-8.

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