There are some Quests which require you to collect specific amounts of ore. Only ore collected from rocks floating in space counts towards the Quest. Ore collected from cargo boxes does not count towards the Quest.

Primary Ores are the first set of Ores you encounter in the game when traveling to your first three company maps X-1, X-2, X-3, and X-4. The three Primary Ores are Prometium (red rock), Endurium (blue rock), and Terbium (yellow rock).

Obtaining Primary OreEdit

Primary Ores are the easiest of Ores to collect and can be obtained by:

  • Collecting them in space, while each rock provides 1 unit of the relevant Ore.
  • Collecting the Cargo Boxes dropped by destroyed ships (both ally and enemy) and Aliens.
  • Building collectors in the Skylab. They cannot be created in a ship's lab.


Primary Ores can be used in Refining to create the Secondary Ore Prometid and Duranium, in either the ship's lab or the Skylab.


Primary Ores cannot be used to upgrade a ship's' capabilities.


  • As each rock provides only 1 unit of its ore, and even a Streuner provides 10 units of Prometium and Endurium, it's normally only worth collecting rocks for Quests.
  • The rocks in space are randomly generated, so there are no fixed coordinates for good ore fields. Ore fields were placed in fixed locations in earlier versions of the game, but this is no longer the case.
  • Prometid and Duranium are worth less than the raw materials used to refine them, so if you're close to a base, and you need the Credits, it's better to sell the basic ores than refine them. If your cargo bay is full, or the nearest base is far away, it may be worth refining the raw materials in your ship's lab.


  • Primary ores are colored using the primary colors: red(prometium), blue(endurium) and yellow(terbium).

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