Project: nano is an event launched the 25.july.2016, this event adds new Pusat, Spectrum and Drone Designs, and new materials (hardwares):

+(Lava, Poison, Sandstorm) Pusat, (Lava, Poison, Sandstorm) Pusat Drone designs

+(Lava, Poison, Sandstorm) Spectrum, (Lava, Poison, Sandstorm) Spectrum Drone designs

+Prismatic Sockets, High-frequency cable, Hybrid processor, Nano-capacitor, Micro-transistors, Nano-casing
Project Nano Designs

-The Lava designs can be crafted from hardwares in the crafting systhem.

-The Poison designs can be purchased for real money.

-The Sandstorm Design can be found in GG's Alpha, Gamma, Beta, you got an 10% of geting the pusat desing and 100% chance of getting the drone design from the gates on the first completion of the gate.

-The Sandstorm Spectrum can be won in the UBA.

-Hardwares can be crafted from the basic materials or be purchased form the shop.

In order to equip a Pusat or Spectrum design you must own the original one.

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