Sell Price Base price of 500. Increases by 1 every 1,000 honor.
Obtained By destroying Aliens or ships, or refining in the ship's Lab or the Skylab.
Weapon Upgrade 30% boost in firepower
Propulsion Upgrade 20% boost in speed
Shield Upgrade 20% boost in power

Promerium is colored orange and has a base value of 500 credits. It can be obtained by destroying ships or produced in the Lab. You need 10 Prometid, 10 Duranium and 1 Xenomit to produce 1 Promerium if you produce it on the ship. It is recommended that you produce it in the skylab because if you use the Xeno Module, it doesn't use up Xenomit. Even though it doesn't use up Xenomit, it costs 1,250 Uridium to instant send 4,000 (max cargo space available to any DarkOrbit ship without bio) Promerium to your ship which is very costly. If you wish to wait for the Promerium to come to you without instant sending it will take from 5 seconds to 6 hours depending on how much you transport to your ship. 3000 Promerium takes 6 hours non-premium which is a very long time. Premium users get resources sent at double the normal speed, and an extra 500 cargo added on to their ship. This (with x2 cargo expander) grants the player a max of 4,000 Promerium per send, which will take 4 hours to be delivered or 1187 Uridium with Premium, 938 Uridium with Rebate, 892 Uridium with Premium AND Rebate, or 1,250 Uridium normally.

Citadels can have 8000 cargo with x2 expander which can be increased with Logistics. 8000 promerium should be about 4 million credits (0 honor).

A player with Pilot bio can achieve a cargo bay of 5,000. With Rebate package and Premium this is a total of 5.6 Promerium per Uridium (5,600 Credits Per Uridium, assuming you have 500,000 Honour, see below)

For each 1,000 honor you gain, the price of Promerium goes up by 1 credit for each unit sold, to a max of 1000 credits per unit (500,000 honor).

In game, Promerium is commonly abbreviated to 'prom'.


  • Don't confuse Promerium with the primary ore Prometium, which is worth much less and cannot be used to upgrade your ship.
  • Promerium is the 2nd most powerful ore (under Seprom) that can be used to upgrade your Lasers, Rockets, Speed Generators, or Shields. It gives a 20% (30% boost applies only to weapon systems, for example rockets and lasers - Note that Seprom has double the effect on weapons to Promerium.) boost to your engines making your ship(goliath only) have the max of 385 speed (without any speed generators) which is fe speed for a fe goliath though you can boost using prom for any ship.(Seprom, although gives a 40% boost to generators, does not work on engines.)
  • Promerium is the most valuable ore that can be produced in your Skylab (other than Seprom). Transport it to your ship to earn the most Credits from your Skylab.
  • Although Seprom is superior to Promerium in terms of how much it upgrades things, it lacks the ability to upgrade speed generators, while Promerium can be used to upgrade everything.
  • For patient and non-FE players, sending Promerium is a good way to earn credits for auction, even though most players will only receive 1-1.5 million credits every day

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