The Protekid was a event or special alien that appeared. It is not known if it will return. They were released from their mothership the, Cubikid. These aliens resemble the Cubikon and Protegit.


Since March 25, 2013 these aliens serve the Cubikid and do about the same damage as a normal one. These aliens also have a purplish name. Other than a event alien, not much is known.

You can easliy find Cubikid on middle of map. If you stop attacking Cubikid it will regenerate it's health and the Protekids will disapear. The reward is lesser than reward for real Cubikon.

Protekids on X-3 maps are stronger than Protekids on X-2 maps. Also Protekids on the X-4 maps are stronger that ones on the X-3 and X-2 maps.

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