The Pumpkin Fest 2013 is a Halloween event released on October 30, 2013. It featured a brand new special Alien known as the Curcubitor (with its Boss counterpart), a new ammo known as Jack-o-Battery , and a new drone formation.

In game notificationEdit

Hello Space Pilots, 

Drawn, spectral shadows can be seen cast throughout space, hissing voices are whispering in pilots' ears and their board instruments are going haywire. It's enough to send shivers down the spine of the bravest of adventurers. 

From October 30th until November 3rd, 2013, there is something rotten in DarkOrbit. Hair-raising NPCs, exclusive Halloween Quests and shocking events will show you what pure terror is all about. 

Expect the following for the Pumpkin Fest: 

  • 4 exclusive Halloween Quests.
  • Special Pumpkin Boxes with surprises inside.
  • The horrifying Curcubitor is threatening the safety of the maps in Orbit. Destroy him and cash in on your sweet reward!
  • Ghosts, Boss, Aliens – more terror, bigger pay-offs!
  • New Drone Formations – just what you need in the fight against the aliens.
  • Level Invasion Gate with the Kucurbium on the 30th October & the 3rd November from 18:00-24:00 (local server time).

Furthermore, you will be able to achieve some new titles and a new achievement:

Titles Edit

· Ghost Hunter (Gold): Requires 100 Ghost NPC kills
· Ghost Seeker (Silver): Requires 50 Ghost NPC kills
· The Medium (Bronze): Requires 25 Ghost NPCs kills
· The Pumpkin Warrior: Requires to help to defeat the Boss Curcubitor 4 times

Achievement Edit

· Sweet-tooth (Iron)(yay !): Requires collection of 2000 Candy Cargo boxes.

Buckle up, fire up your lasers and send your enemies packing! Just remember one thing - there's no crying in deep space! 

Your DarkOrbit Team.

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