Pusat design
Pusat design
Official Description
Developed by the brilliant minds on Yeni'turkiye Station, the Pusat Vengeance design features a rich arsenal of lasers and generators for delicious, hard-hitting firepower at the expense of armour. Strike hard and fast when you're at its helm.

The Pusat is a new elite design for the Vengeance ship. It has 16 lasers and 12 generators.

Although this might make the Pusat a bit overpowered; its HP is brought down from 180,000 to 125,000; making it an easy kill if not equipped properly.


The Pusat is available in the Shop for 250,000 Uridium. Every month there are discounts for most ship designs making the prices drop to 213,000 Uridium (14.8%). It's not available in the Auction.

Very rarely, it can be found in Booty Boxes.

Additional PicturesEdit

Face ship

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