== Company Wars III: You've come very far ... (VRU/MMO/EIC) (Goliath)== They definitely didn't see that coming! Thanks to your exceptional performance, we were able to inflict major damage on our enemy. Now all we have to do is deliver the final blow and destroy their Goliath fleet. If you manage to destroy 50 ships, we might just be able to wrap up the war! If you survive, the Board of Directors will contact you. They apparently have some kind of special mission for you. Be patient and wait for them to contact you. Don't try anything stupid ... The Board sees everything, and is quite sensitive when it comes to matters of honor. Good luck!

Destroy VRU Goliath ships (0 / 50)


  • - 3,000,000 Credits
  • - 5,000 Uridium
  • - 3,000,000 EP
    Ship Goliath

    Prepare to destroy these Battlecruisers as you take revenge!

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