== Company Wars III: You've come very far ... (VRU/MMO/EIC) (Vengeance)== Someone in the Board of Directors mentioned your name. Only time will tell if that's a good thing or a bad thing. Multiple attacks by alien races, the reappearance of the ancient Rrodogian race, and new discoveries of subspace fissures and anomalies lead us to believe that something big is on the horizon. The company wars are only the beginning - but in order to find out more, we must end this war. Destroying 150 Vengeances should be enough to start with.

Destroy (VRU/MMO/EIC) Vengeance ships (x150).


  • - 1,000,000 Credits
  • - 2,000 Uridium
  • - 1,000,000 EP

    Vengeance starfighter


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