You can earn this!

A useful page recommended for beginning players, levels 1-11.

Here are some ways to make money (credits):

  • Start off by completing all the quests and achievements you can. It will gradually boost you ahead of all other beginning players.
  • Start spending those credits gained and buy a new ship, preferably a Piranha.
  • Repeat the above step as much as you can, and you should have a Piranha with a couple of Flax drones (etc.)
  • Make your way to X-3 or X-4 and hunt the aliens there.
  • Start building up and leveling your Skylab until you can refine Prometid and send it to your ship, then sell the cargo at base.
  • Keep on building that Skylab until you can start sending Promerium to your ship, now sell again and earn 2 times more than you were earning from the Prometid.
  • Remember that upgrading your SkyLab will take time so be patient.
  • Once you become an elite player difficult quests and hunting in Upper Maps will gain you lots of credits

When doing the quests for levels 1-6 do not be in a outfit because the alien rewards are shared you can be in an outfit with .D.C. tho.

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