Level 4 Quest


The Department of Strategic Intiatives has come up with the brilliant plan to try out a new tactic: peaceful resistance. We don't have much say in the matter. Looks like we're just going to have to grin and bear it.


Travel to all X-4 maps and stay there for at least one minute. Leave everyone in peace and don't fire a single shot.

Detailed Instructions

  • Hang in there for 00:01:00 (x60)
    • on 1-4 map
  • Hang in there for 00:01:00 (x60)
    • on 2-4 map
  • Hang in there for 00:01:00 (x60)
    • on 3-4 map
  • All damage to your ship will be recorded.
  • Don't use any weapons


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