This special-order ammo developed from rare Radiatium packs a wallop: 4 times stronger than conventional lasers when used on anything but Demaner hulls, against which it deals 8-fold damage!

RB-214 (Radiatium Battery) is elite battery ammo that is best used for the domination event, dealing eight times the normal damage to Demaner hulls and four times the normal damage to anything else. However, this is very costly, and should only be used for the event.

RB-214 can also be used as a replacement for the UCB-100 against enemies other than the Demaner hulls since both do four times the normal damage.

How to earn Edit

  • This ammo is dropped by beacons when they are captured. However, this is a rare drop, but if you capture beacon from the beginning to the end, there is a bigger chance to receive RB-214 (up to 20 units).
  • Can be purchased in the shop while your faction is dominating.

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