RSB-75 (Rapid Salvo Battery) is an elite ammunition for laser cannons. It is considered the strongest of battery ammunition available but can only be purchased in the Shop and is not always available, making this a sort of rare ammunition. Pirate Booty also gives out random rewards of this ammunition along with the Kronos Gate completion.

Description Edit

One type of ammo you just can't do without: Rain death on your enemies when you fire off a rapid laser salvo

When this battery is fired, it shoots off several quick bursts of orange/yellow battery in a matter of seconds, it also has a cooldown between each burst of about 2 seconds or less. The sound effect can be compared to the UCB-100 if it were able to be fired rapidly. In PvP battles, RSB can be seen only sometimes due to the cost in Uridium being high. Altogether, this laser battery deals a total 6 times the normal damage each burst. RSB is also actually meant to be used in conjunction with other laser batteries as a way to "add more damage" to your normal laser damage. It is not meant to be effective when used alone. By continuously switching between RSB and your other batteries at the correct timing, your overall damage will be greater, along with rockets and other ammunition.

If you have a P.E.T. 10 using this ammunition, it will fire without waiting to reload, with each burst expending an amount of ammunition that is equal to 3 times the number of laser cannons equipped (so 20 laser cannons will fire 60 rounds).


  • RSB-75 is expensive and is not always available, so only use it when needed (difficult galaxy gates, stronger players, high hp aliens with great rewards).
  • Switch between RSB-75 and any other ammunition while attacking in order to better utilize the time delay between each RSB burst as it has a few seconds to reload.

 Also known as "whites".