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Radar CPU

Radar CPU is an extra that displays diplomacy status on the mini map when in a clan. Only one of these items is allowed per configuration.

If you have Premium, you get this advantage even without the CPU.

  • Green dot: Alliance

An Alliance pact signifies two clans are allies and work together when possible. Most clans reserve these for clans they have a tight relationship with, effectively ensuring they can easily identify folks they know and can trust.

  • Yellow dot: NAP (non-aggression pact)

A Non-Aggression Pact (NAP) is one of two types reserved for "friends". Many clans use the NAP as a starter or "Training Wheels" pact before establishing a regular pact with other clans. This method gives each side the time to check each other out before making a stronger level of commitment to each other. Some clans use a NAP as a stand-down measure after a War or DOW. This makes it easier to keep an eye of folks that used to be a problem.

  • Red dot: War clan

A Declaration Of War (DOW) or simply War Pact, makes it possible to kill own company members in clans the clan has significant issues with. Using a DOW (War) removes the Honor penalty for own company kills. A DOW or War Pact should be reserved for those situations where all other diplomatic efforts have failed. Wars over minuscule issues only dilute the effectiveness of a DOW as a diplomatic tool.


Blue and Red dots stay the same for company members not in a clan.

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