Raiding is the term used by players in which when a group of players from the same company decide to attack and invade the opposing company and destroy as many ships as possible in an attempt for earning anything from rewards, to just having fun.


As long as each player has the necessary level in order to raid (see Experience Points), you can raid up to the enemy company's base, X-1. The standard kill reward you get for each kind of ship depends on your level. Higher level players get more experience points than players with a lower level. Having a combination of Goliath, Citadel, Spearhead, and Aegis ships will greatly increase your group/outfit's chance of survival. The easiest targets when raiding are players that have been damaged from attacking a strong Alien or an enemy player. A quick way of taking your enemy down is by using elite and strong ammunition, with a combination of Hellstorm rockets. You are sure to be one deadly raiding group.

Tips: Edit

  • Although targeting and shooting enemy Phoenix ships are a quick and easy kill, you will get negative Honor by doing so, try avoiding these ships when wanting to increase your Honor.

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