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Ranks are the small symbols located to the left of a player's name that indicate how well a player is ranked due to a number of things such as experience points and honor, which then are calculated into rank points.

Please note that if you have negative honor, then you don't have a rank. This is displayed by the crosshair symbol.

Rank formulaEdit

+ experience points / 100,000

+ honor points / 100

+ player shot points x 3

+ your level ( ) x 100

+ days since registration x 6

+ your ship type ( ) x 1000

+ npc shots / 2

+ Quests completed x 100

Negative: (taken away)

- friends destroyed x 100

- times destroyed by enemies x 4

- times destroyed by radiation zone x 8

- phoenix destroyed x 2 


Remember, ranks greatly rely on the server's current activity and average rank points. On a server, it can take around 5 million rank points to earn Colonel.

Ranks per companyEdit


Admin (amount (%) unknown) Edit

  • General (max. 1 for company)

Percentage (%) may be incorrect, due to estimation.

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