Refining is an option that lets you create new and stronger Ore from various existing Ore. Refining takes place either in-game under the 'Refining' icon, or in the Skylab.

Refining in-game and the SkylabEdit

Refining in-game and the Skylab is essentially the same concept, but the differences being:

  • In-game Refining is done by using Ore in the ship's Cargo Bay, while the Skylab uses and creates Ore in the Storage Module.
  • When creating Promerium, in-game Refining uses Xenomit. The Skylab uses a Xenomit Module to replace the Xenomit.
  • Only the Skylab can create Seprom.

Primary OresEdit

The Primary Ores are Prometium, Endurium and Terbium. They cannot be created by in-game Refining, but must be collected as rocks in the space maps, collected from dropped Cargo Boxes, or automatically made by the corresponding Skylab module.

Secondary OresEdit

The Secondary ores are Prometid and Duranium. They can be collected from dropped Cargo Boxes or created by in-game Refining, using the Primary ores:

  • To refine 1 unit of Prometid, you need 20 units of Prometium and 10 units of Endurium.
  • To refine 1 unit of Duranium, you need 20 units of Terbium and 10 units of Endurium.


Xenomit is similar to the Primary ores, in that it cannot be created by Refining. It can be collected from dropped Cargo Boxes, or be bid on in Trade.

In-game Refining, Xenomit is used when Refining Promerium. In the Skylab, Xenomit can be substituted by the Xeno Module.


Promerium can be collected from dropped Cargo Boxes or created by refining:

Xenomit can be replaced by the Xeno Module in the Skylab.


Seprom can be created by refining in the Skylab:

  • To refine 1 unit of Seprom, you need 10 units of Promerium.
  • Sometimes, an enemy player ship that has been destroyed, will have some Seprom in its lost cargo. You can collect this. However, it is not certain how much, since it depends on how much Seprom the enemy ship had before.


  • The resulting ore is worth less than the total costs of the raw materials used to refine it, so if you're close to a base, and you need the Credits, it's better to sell the ore in your cargo bay than refine it. If your cargo bay is full and the nearest base is far away, it may be worth refining the raw materials in your ship's lab.
  • Don't refine Promerium in your ship's lab! This consumes the rare ore Xenomit. Instead, refine Promerium in the Skylab, where Xenomit is substituted by the Xeno Module.

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