A Rocket is a fired projectile that deals damage in a single burst upon contact of the target. Some rockets also have special abilities that can sometimes also have damage. Rockets are the secondary form of attack that usually is considered more powerful than lasers, but tend to be more inaccurate. This this can be remedied with a Tech Item called Precision Targeter, which guarantees that your rockets will hit 100% of the time. Hellstorm rockets are also a great way of dealing massive damage in a short time period.

Basic rocketsEdit

  • R-310 (Short-range rocket: causes up to 1,000 damage points per rocket fired.)
  • PLT-2026 (Mid-range rocket: causes up to 2,000 damage points per rocket fired.)
  • PLT-2021 (Long-range rocket: causes up to 4,000 damage points per rocket fired.)
  • PLT-3030 (Powerful rocket: causes a max. of 6,000 HP of damage, but has a low accuracy rate due to its impressive firepower.)

Ability rocketsEdit

  • PLD-8 (Temporarily reduces the accuracy of your target‘s weapons system.)
  • DCR-250 (Slows your opponent down by 30% for 5 seconds.)
  • WIZ-X (Creates a temporary hologram around fired ship to alter its actual appearance.)
  • BDR-1211 (Causes 7,500 damage on aliens, 4,000 on player ships.)

Hellstorm rocketsEdit

  • ECO-10 Most basic and reliable hellstorm rocket. (Blue)
  • HSTRM-01 2nd most powerful hellstorm rocket. (Yellow)
  • UBR-100 The most powerful hellstorm rocket. (Red)
  • SAR-01 and SAR-02 Leech shields for 1,000 and 4,000 per rocket respectively.
  • CBR Absorbs shields and hits HP. Does more damage overall than the SAR-02 but less shield leech. Only rocket that can damage the Referee Bot.

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