SAB-50 laser battery is elite ammunition for lasers, which drain the target's shields, and refills the shooters shields over time.

Damage inflictedEdit

Unlike other laser batteries, SAB-50 does not cause normal damage to the target's HP ; instead, it drains the target's shields, and refills the shooter's shields. The amount of shield it drains is comparable to MCB-25, however, because of it's unique trait of refilling your shields, it costs twice as much.

Obtaining SAB-50Edit

To obtain SAB-50:

  • Buy it from the Shop. It costs 1 Uridium per shot and is available in multiples of 10.
  • Buy it using the in-game UI. It costs 1,000 Uridium and is available in multiples of 100 in Trade.
  • Collect it from a bonus box.
  • Create it with the Galaxy Gate Generator.

In-game descriptionEdit

Shield Absorber Battery: shield-absorbing special ammo.


  • SAB ammo costs Uridium, so don't use it on weak enemies. It is best used on strong enemies in conjunction with strong conventional ammo (e.g. MCB-50, UCB-100, RSB-75).
  • Do not use SAB ammo when the enemy has comepletely no shields. It will just waste your ammo and your time. It will not give you any shield, nor will it hurt the other enemies Hit points. Use it only when you are desperate when your sheild is low.
  • One good tactic that can be done with SAB is using SAB to leech their shields so you are painfully crippling your enemy, while you are taking little damage because the SAB is replenishing your shields. When their shield is down, your shield will remain up, leaving them sitting ducks. Just use some strong ammo (UCB-100 in combination with RSB-75 works best) and finish your opponent. Many Full Elite use this tactic with a lot of success. (using this tactic is even better with a moth drone form as you will still have your shields and as you toggle with rsb and or UCB-100 you will still have sheilds)
  • For weaker players with smaller shields, a good idea for using this ammo against stronger enemies is to back away from them. That way, your shield goes up and they can't attack you because you're out of their range.


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