SAR-02 is elite hellstorm rocket ammunition. This certain rocket has an anti-shield ability which absorbs your target's shields and gives it to your shields. It can be compared to SAB-50 laser battery ammo. They are available only for limited times in the Shop.

Description Edit

The Hellstorm SAR-02, a Shield Leeching rocket, is fired from a rocket launcher. An especially good quick-strike weapon!

On impact, the damage dealt is in form of shield absorbing and gives the player who shot it up to 5,000 shield points per rocket landed. When equipped with the elite rocket launcher HST-2, the shield absorption could reach up to around 25,000. This ammunition can be found in the rare Ice Boxes and is also available to purchase in the Shop at 20 Uridium each rocket only when available. There is also a credit bought version of this hellstorm rocket called SAR-01, visit link for more info.

Trivia Edit

  • Before the new ship update, SAR-02 rockets could only be bought with real money. This was removed due to a large negative response from the community and threads on the forum such as this were created.
  • SAR-02 rockets are the cheapest Uridium hellstorm rocket available for purchase.

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