SBP-01 Icon

SBP-01 (Super Booster Pack) is an elite shared booster, that not only gives a boost to stats, but includes 3 boosters in one.

Description Edit

  • Grab this unique package with most rare and useful boosters for just a handful of pennies. You’ll get:
    • DMG-B02 Damage booster (+10% damage, 10 hours, works for the group)
    • SHD-B02 Shield Booster (+25% shield, 10 hours, works for the group)
    • HP-B02 Hitpoints Booster (+10% hitpoints, 10 hours, works for the group)

with an incredible discount!

Cost Edit

This booster can only be purchased with Payment which is currently only $0.99, it is also available only for a limited time.

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