SG3N-B01 is a shield generator that provides up to 4,000 shield strength and absorbs 70% of damage inflicted. This shield generator provides less shield strength, but greater absorption than the SG3N-A03. The SG3N-B02 generator provides more shield strength and better absorption, but at a higher cost.


Available for 256,000 Credits in the Shop.

SG3N-A03 vs SG3N-B01Edit

The SG3N-B01 has a clear advantage over the SG3N-A03: it absorbs 70% damage, rather than 60%.

However, the B01 also has clear disadvantages:

  • It provides 1,000 less shield strength than the SG3N-A03.

Players may find it worth getting a SG3N-B01 if they can't afford a SG3N-B02, and find their HP running out before their shields do.

Other shield generators Edit

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