DO Birthdaygate Screenshot2

If your a new player to Darkorbit, you may be confused of the many buttons and other switches. The basic layout, which is the main buttons are located on the top right corner, (which cannot be moved) the buttons on the left, (minimized) and the buttons at the bottom of the screen. (they start out at the bottom when you first play darkorbit, you can move them anytime you want) Each of these buttons have certain properties. There is a red "on" button at the top right of the screen. This is the log-out for when you want to quit the game. The log-out is 20 seconds long unless you are premium, (which lowers the time to 5 seconds) At the bottom where you have 1 row (2 if premium) of different looking buttons. This is your hot-bar. You can place defensive, offensive, etc. items for you to use on the fly and quickly. Here you can place abilites like laser ammo, rocket launcher, missles, fireworks, tech abilities, etc. If you simply want to move the location of the  hot-bar, click on the settings button top right and a new window will open center screen with 5 tabs. Click on the 'Interface' tab and down at the bottom of the list there is button called 'open config mode' click on this. Your screen should now have grid lines, your 'open' windows, eg the mini-map, group, quest ect, will be shaded red and you hot bar(s) will have 2 symbols on the left side. These allow you to move the entire bar around to any location and also to change the configuration of your hot bar. You can set it to be horizontal, vertical or clustered. Also, you can move your icons individually around the hot bar simply by clicking and dragging them to an empty sloy or off the hot bar to remove the icon altogether. New ocons can be added by clicking the little icon to right of the hot bar. This will open a new bar where you can see all of your ammo, mines, ship abillities, special items, cpu's, tech items ect. they can all be dragged and dropped right on to the hot bar and once you're done simply click 'save and exit'. Of course if want to return to default simply click 'reset and exit'

Useing/placeing the elements (buttons) can be crucial for your survival. Place everything where you feel most comfortable, and easily reachable for your mouse to click in a pinch. Never have anything blocking your map and always monitor what you are doing. If you look away for at least 5 seconds, someone could all ready be halfway done with killing you. you need to be able to click something fast to get out of a pinch.

If you feel that something is not right with your screen, go to the settings, and change the screen resolution, etc. to make your experiance a pleasureable one.

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