The Sentinel awes with its futuristic design and robust shields. Fly wing-to-wing with other Sentinels to create an impenetrable shield wall!

This ship has the following bonuses:

The ship's ability:

Designs Edit

To see all its designs, go here.

How to get?Edit

This ship can be bought for 250,000 Uridium in the Shop, is available in Auction in the weekly tab, but can also be attained at random through Pirate Booty (RARE!).

Trivia Edit

  • The Sentinel used to be a skill design for the Goliath
  • Fortress allows your shields to withstand 30% more damage!
  • Fortress has a 20 second cool down.
    • With both cool down boosters it is capable of having a 10 Second cool down.
  • Fortress last for a total of 10 seconds meaning that the actual cool downs after using the skill are 30 seconds without boosters and 20 seconds with boosters.