Sell Price Can't be sold
Obtained Skylab
Weapon Upgrade 60%
Propulsion Upgrade -
Shield Upgrade 40%

Seprom is a special type of ore that is used mainly for upgrading any equipped lasers, rockets, and shield generators. Its texture is a purple mineral as shown on the right.

Seprom is best obtained by refining another ore called Promerium in the Skylab, at the rate of 189 Seprom per hour (with max modules). It can be much more valuable than Promerium due to it having higher upgrade stats on shield generators (40% increase) or boost the firepower of rockets or lasers (60% increase).

Seprom is one of two ores that cannot be sold, along with Xenomit (Palladium can't be sold,however,it is exchanged). Seprom is also required in the Skill Tree when upgrading classes 2 and 3, as well as required in Tech Center to create certain upgrades.


  • After its release, the option to boost Speed generators with seprom existed. This was, unfortunately, a bug which was later removed.
  • It takes 10 promerium to make one unit of Seprom.