A Shield is the primary protection that both player ships and Aliens have along with their Hit points (HP). When taking damage, the shield diminishes and absorbs a percentage of the damage, until it reaches zero, the rest of the damage is taken by HP.

A ship's maximum shield strength depends on the current shield generators equipped in the current configuration.

Having shields is an essential part of the game due to multiple advatages it brings, such as:

  • When switching between configurations, you gain the secondary configuration's maximum shield, a method used by many players.
  • Shields automatically recharge themselves.
  • They can be upgraded with ore such as Duranium, Prometium, and Seprom for a shield strength increase.
  • When using SAB-50 as ammunition, shields can get manually charged if the current target has any sort of shield.

Taking shield damageEdit

When any ship takes damage:

  • A percentage of the damage is absorbed by the shields, until they reach 0.
    • Once the shields reach 0, the HP take 100% of the damage inflicted.
  • The fraction absorbed by the shields depends on the shield generators equipped in the current ship configuration. The remaining damage is taken by the HP.

Recharging shieldsEdit

Recharging shields is an automatic process and is activated only by not being attacked for a while. Then the process begins at a slow rate(25 seconds), which can be increased by a shield recharging Booster or higher shield generators.

Increasing a ship's shield strengthEdit

A ship's shield strength can further be increased by factors such as:

  • Having a shield bonus Skill Design
  • Upgrading Seprom (+40%) onto the ship
  • Shield Boosters (+25%)
  • Having five pilot points in the Shield Engineering skill (+25%)
  • Using both configurations with the same equipment (x2)

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