Shield Engineering is a Pilot Point option enabling you to increase your shield strength.

Pilot bio

Shield Engineering is a skill that has 5 levels and unlike most skills is all in one group not split into parts. Once a player has invested in ship hull this skill may be the next one they invest in it can be extremely useful.


  1. 4% increase in shield strength
  2. 8% increase in shield strength
  3. 12% increase in shield strength
  4. 18% increase in shield strength
  5. 25% increase in shield strength + Visual Effect (Bubble)

Visual EffectEdit

People with the full five pilot points in this skill will have a bubble shimmering around their ship when someone locks onto them as well when their shield regenerates. You will also be able to hear the bubble noise when someone locks onto you. Many people leave this skill at 4 pp because the noise from the bubble can become pretty annoying.

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