Shield Mechanics is skill on the skill tree that allows your shields to withstand more damage in proportion to your hp.

Pilot bio

Shield Mechanics is a skill that has 5 levels and unlike most skills is all in one part. This is a skill that most people invest in after they have finished upgrading there ship hull, and can be a deadly weapon on the battlefield. It is a skill that many players have in the game and it has proven to be very usefull.


  1. Shields are 2% more resilient to damage.
  2. Shields are 4% more resilient to damage.
  3. Shields are 6% more resilient to damage.
  4. Shields are 8% more resilient to damage.
  5. Shields are 12% more resilient to damage.(Special visual effect that looks like a force field when attacked by an enemy. Mordon alien ship attacks do not activate this visual effect when player is attacked by one.)

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