A Shield generator is the primary defense of any player or alien ship, which health points follow right after the shield is depleted. Once equipped, the ship is covered entirely with the shield depending on the active configuration. Note that when equipping different shield generators, the absorption rate will be altered but shield strength will add up normally.

Obtaining a shield generatorEdit

Shield generators are mainly obtained by:

  • Purchasing one directly from the Shop, while only 1 costs Uridium, the other 4 available are bought with Credits.

How to equip oneEdit

A shield generator can be equipped either in your ship's generator slot or even on a drone (unlike a speed generator, which can only be equipped in the ship's generator slot).

You can only equip a shield generator while at a friendly base or even when logged out of the game client.

Upgrading shield generatorsEdit

There are two ways shield generators can be upgraded. The first is by using Ore, which is temporary boost:

Second way is by Item Upgrading; It enables you to permanently upgrade your shield generators, first with a 1% shield boost, capping off at 16 levels.

List of current shield generatorsEdit

There are currently five shield generators all with different costs and statistics.

Shield generators (weakest to strongest)
Shield generator Cost Shield strength Damage absorption
SG3N-A01 8,000 Credits 1,000 40%
SG3N-A02 16,000 Credits 2,000 50%
SG3N-A03 128,000 Credits 5,000 60%

256,000 Credits

(was 2,500 Uridium, once available in Auction)

4,000 70%
SG3N-B02 10,000 Uridium
(available in Auction)
10,000 80%

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