Pilot bio

Ship Hull is a pilot point option on you skill tree enabling your ship your carry more hit points.

Ship Hull is often the first thing that people upgrade when they get there first Pilot Point. On ship hull there is 5 different levels split into tp parts Ship Hull I and Ship Hull II. Ship hull is the first and the fith skill on track 1.


  1. 5,000 Extra HP (+ 5,000 to base hitpoints)
  2. 10,000 Extra HP (+5,000 to hitpoints)
  3. 15,000 Extra HP (+5,000 to hitpoints)
  4. 25,000 Extra HP (+10,000 to hitpoints)
  5. 50,000 Extra HP (+25,000 to hitpoints)

Ex: Goliath base HitPoints: 256,000

+Ship Hull Level 1: 261,000

+Level 2: 266,000

+Level 3: 271,000

+Level 4: 281,000

+Level 5 306,000

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