Skylab Robots are the robots found in the Skylab that increase collector productivity by either attaining the robots with credits or uridium.


What can these robots do?Edit

These robots increase productivity of the Prometium, Endurium, and Terbium collectors.

What type of robots are there?Edit

These are two kinds, credit type costing 250 credits each, and uridium type costing 50 uridium each.

What bonus do these robots give?Edit

They give a 1% increase in production of your collectors, while the uridium robot gives a 4% increase.

How many robots can I have applied to a single collector?Edit

You can have a maximum of 12 robots on a single collector.

How long do robots last?Edit

Every robot has an active use time of 48 hours. The time begins when they are activated and do not lose any time when they are in storage.

How many robots can I purchase?Edit

You can purchase an unlimited amount of robots. All robots that you cannot apply at the time, will be stored for later use.

What happens if a robot expires?Edit

As long as you have robots in the storage, they automatically replace the expired one.

What happens with the robots when I am logged out?Edit

The robots continue to increase production even though you are not playing.

What happens if the collecter is turned off?Edit

Even if the collector is off, the robots still remain, so use the time wisely when most needed.

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