A useful guide on building your Skylab, feel free to add or update.

Making skylab takes 1 to 2 days. At the beginning, you have 100 of all the primary ore. You can start the build of two of the three collectors. While they build, you must collect 50 of each primary ore. Wait time to build them is one hour. Delivery of 150 ores takes only 9 minutes. After they are all built, get 150 of each primary ore, or wait one day for the collectors, time to start the secondary ores, prometid and duranium. Each takes one hour and 40 minutes, or one hundred minutes. After they are built, three to go. Next is the Xenomit, only obtainable by high Alien and bosses. It takes 75 of each primary, and only one hour to make. Second to last is the promerium, the most valuable, sellable mineral. They require 125 of each primary ore and 3 hours to make. It is the best way to make money. A goliath with no pilot bio and cargo doubler can make 1,500,000 credits in 6 hours. Other ones (without cargo doubler and pilot bio) are:

  • Goliath: 750,000
  • Vengance: 500,000
  • Bigboy: 350,000
  • Nostromo: 300,000
  • Pirahna: 250,000
  • Liberator: 200,000
  • Defcom: 150,000
  • Leonov: x-1 to x-4= 500,000,
  • others=250,000
  • Yamato: 100,000
  • Phoenix: 100,000

The final one is seprom, the most valuable resource for lasers, rockets, and shields! It requires 250 of each primary ore and 6 hours to make. After level 10, it requires 100 or more hours to make! To upgrade any of the models, you must upgrade the basic module and solar module. The basic module requires a weird 707 of each primary ore and 2 hours, 18 minutes. the solar module requires the same as the basic module. The storage model first needs the same stuff as the solar module. When you get all level 20 stuff, your skylab is complete.

Note Edit

  • When making promerium, turn off the seprom maker.
  • With goliath, skylab can be used 2 times a day, once in the morning during school/ work, once in the afternoon during sleep/late party hours.
  • Xenomit maker does not make enough to make extra, even with promerium maker off.

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