The Soccer Event is a special event that happens usually during a major sports events like soccer.

Overview Edit

While active, any Uridium purchased, can be doubled if your winning team scores a goal. Triple Uridium can be made if the team scores two goals. For example, 30,000 Uridium is purchased and you pick a team that then makes a goal, you then get 30,000 more Uridium making it 60,000 in total, even another 30,000 if the team scores two goal, giving you a total 90,000 Uridium for the price of 30,000.

If you purchased Uridium and your team does not score any goals, then what you purchased from the start is only what you get.


This event is like gambling, you may win a lot or you may gain nothing.

You should pay in this event only if:

  1. Your team (the national team of server you play) is very good
  2. Your team is playing against a weaker team (so avoid paying during hard-to-win matches)

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