The Solace is an elite skill design for the Goliath. Not only does it give your ship a completely new look, but it also lets you repair your ship's hull and the hulls of any outfit members immediately with the "Nano-Cluster Repairer" skill.

in-game DescriptionEdit

This design not only gives your Goliath Battlecruiser a completely new look but it also lets you repair your ship hull and the hulls of group members immediately with the "Nano-Cluster Repairer". It also increases your shield power by 10%.


This design costs 250,000 Uridium in the Shop, is available in Auction in the weekly tab, but can also be attained at random through Pirate Booty (RARE!).

Trivia Edit

  • Nano-Cluster has a 90 second cool down.
    • With both cool down boosters(20%+30%) it is capable of having a 45 Second cool down.
  • It repairs 50% of your own HP and 25% of your group members HP.
  • Solace will no longer repair the ships of group members on other maps.

For more information, please visit the Skill Design page

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