Spaceball is a special event in which your company can fight between the other two and battle for the prizes at the end of each round. You can find this in map 4-4. Once you're in 4-4, you'll see a green dot on your Mini-Map, which is the Spaceball. Be afraid to fight because you don't get free Repairs if you die.

All you have to do is help your company keep the ball, by shooting it. You have to get the ball to your Portal in 4-4, the one which leads to X-5 map. Once it gets there, you'll receive some Cargo prizes. These are the prizes you get in the cargo boxes, be fast to get them before others do!

Beware some enemy ship would want to do the same thing and that might lead to a 'clash'.

It is best that you use your pet to collect the cargo, as it will be quicker and more precise. Althought if you are cloaked players may shoot you for not helping with the ball.


In the cargo boxes from spaceball, the following items may be recieved:

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