Max Hit points 100,000 HP
Max Nano Hull 90,000
Cost 45,000 Uridium
Speed 370
Lasers 5
Generators 12
Batteries Unlimited
Rockets Unlimited
Extra 2
Cargo 500
With Cargo Expander 1000
Cargo as Premium Member 1000
Cargo as Premium Member with Cargo Expander 2000
Destroy Rewards
EP7500 EPHonor75 honor
Official Description
The Spearhead, also known as the outfit's scout, is a light-duty recon ship boasting the following abilities:

Ultimate CloakingUltimate Cloaking: This skill cloaks you, removes you from the minimap and prevents you from being targeted by other players.

JAMXJAMX: This ability emits an interference field which paralyzes enemy ships' functions. All effects which they are currently using will be compromised.

Target MarkerTarget Marker: This ability marks targets for your outfit and increases the damage caused by all outfit members.

ReconRecon: This ability doubles the range of the mini map.

The Spearhead Recon Ship is one of the three elite New ships, being the cheaper one, with abilities and stats that make it a great stealthy ship. Compared to the Goliath, it is statistically much weaker, but due to it's multiple abilities, it makes it a great recon ship that can go completely cloaked when the skill is activated (even on the mini-map), as well as doubling the mini-map range to detect enemies ahead of time. Which poses a great advantage, so you can stay cloaked and invisible, see your enemies, and attack with the advantage of surprise on your side.


The Spearhead costs 45,000 Uridium in the Shop and is available for bidding in Auction in the daily tab. (very expensive)

Advantages and DisadvantagesEdit


  • Relatively cheap (almost half as the Goliath).
  • High speed (with 12 G3N-7900s and Promerium upgrading, it's faster than a Vengeance with the same generators and upgrades, the only way to get higher base speed is to get Vengeance with Pusat design, and equip it fully with G3N-7900s).
  • Decent number of generators.
  • Great "hiding" abilities, perfect for new players, scouting, and patrols.
  • good for farm box.


Abilities and Restrictions of Ultimate CloakingEdit

  • While ultimate cloaked, you cannot be locked onto.
  • EMPs will not uncloak you.
  • If you pick up boxes, ores, etc you will immediately be uncloaked.
  • If you jump through a portal you will not stay cloaked.
  • Shields no longer drop to 0
  • If you use normal cloak over ultimate cloak, the ultimate cloak will end and normal cloak status will begin.

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