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A Special event is an event that hosts a challenging system that can be something from Spaceball to CRAZY CUBIKON. These events are only available during or near holidays and offer new boxes or promotions available that have not been before. You can primarily tell if a promotion is available usually when DarkOrbit sends you an email or if you just log in while it is happening, you will see a pop-up and on the Home page (right column "Upcoming" or even in the "News" section).

For more information, please visit the Promotional offer page

Since there have been various events that have appeared in DarkOrbit, try holding "Ctrl" and pressing "F" to quickly search for an event.

Rewards Edit

For even being part of an event you of course have a chance at earning big rewards or even for just attempting you still are rewarded. The rewards do vary per event and your level as different events require a minimum level. You earn the bonus for the next day and forward if your company wins, here are some of the prizes:

  • 5% bonus when selling cargo for the company for x amount of time after the event
  • 2% extra from bonus boxes for the company for x amount of time after the event

The prizes are not always exact and change. Some events can also just be for fun (or an update) and have no rewards at all.

Single events (may not currently be available)Edit

Listed from most recent:

Warbound: Demaner (appeared on August 2nd) Edit

  • Fight to Win! The Ministry has surfaced. A new organization dedicated to humanity with a set of missions tying directly to the reappearance of the Demaner. With stories of Earth’s past and a new potential future! Will you aid them? Do you trust them? Battle hard to be the best pilot out there, destroy Demaner Freighters and receive valuable rewards as the past and future converge in Warbond: Demaner! Hunt the Demaner.

Battle for Influence (from June 1st to June 13th 2017) Edit

  • Faction Wars. Join your faction in battle and take on your rivals to find out who is really behind the recent attacks on humanity. Climb the leaderboards and earn valuable rewards for you and your whole faction during DarkOrbit’s Blightstorm: Battle for Influence event! Your Faction Needs You!

Solar Calendar Bonanza! (appeared May 31st 2017) Edit

Open each door on the Solar Calendar and receive a selection of exceptional booty, including Indoctrine Oil, Tetrathrin and a HyperPlasmoid LF-4. Login daily, open a new window and find out what prize you’ve received. Miss a day and you’ll miss that days prize, so better come back daily and grab what’s on offer. A Daily Prize! Calendar begins on June 1st and ends with the final day of the calendar​.

Pirate Hunt (May 15th - May 28th 2017) Edit

  • Kill Pirates for Booty! As the edges of humanity begin to crumble, pirates raid our outposts. Arm yourself and challenge them in deadly combat to become a Pirate Hunt destroyer! Aiding your clan, supporting humanity and wiping the scum from the face of the galaxy. With Premium membership, enhanced LF-4’s and more as rewards. Time to fight!

Plague Alert! (from April 12th through April 30th 2017) Edit

  • Get ready for infection!

For more information, please visit the Plague Alert! page

PvM (US East 3) (April 2017) Edit

PvM (US East 2) (Feb 2017) Edit

A Cold Day in Hell (January 2017) Edit

10th Birthday Event (Dec 1st -31st 2017) Edit

PvM (player vs mod) (Nov. 2016) Edit

Trick or Treat? (October 2016) Edit

Saimon Rebellion! (Sep 2016) Edit

Hitac Assault (Aug 2016) Edit

Project Nano Launch Event (July 2016) Edit

European Team Cup 2016 (June 2016) Edit

Space Cup 2016 (June 2016) Edit

MASQUE Ship Expo (May 2016) Edit

M.A.S.Q.U.E. SpaceTech Summit (April 2016) Edit

Galaxy Gate Rewards Days (April 2016) Edit

Spring Sabotage (March 2016) Edit

Frost Hitac Event 2016 (Jan 2016) Edit

Halloween event (Oct 2015) Edit

Attack of the Killer P.E.T.s (Sep 2015) Edit

PvM (USA West) (July 2015) Edit

Parasite Tide Event (May 2015) Edit

PvM (GB1) (April 2015) Edit

The Demaner Freighter is back! (April 2015) Edit

Domination Event Returns (March 2015) Edit

Carnival returns to deep space (Feb 2015) Edit

PvM (US East 3) (Jan 2015) Edit

The Battle for Influence is Back! (Jan 2015) Edit

Cold Wave (Dec 2014) Edit

The Demaner Freighter returns! (Nov 2014) Edit

Halloween event (Oct 2014) Edit

The DarkOrbit Hitac Lottery (Sep 2014) Edit

PvM (GA1) (Sep 2014) Edit

Domination Event (Jul 2014) Edit

PvM (US East 2) (July 2014) Edit

Independence Day event (July 2014) Edit

Soccer event (July 2014) Edit

Hitac Lottery (May 2014) Edit

The Battle for Influence is here! (April 2014) Edit

Carnival returns to deep space (Feb 2014) Edit

Winterfest Calendar (Dec 2013) Edit

Winterfest (Nov 2013) Edit

Recurring events Edit

Such as unique games, battles, galaxy gates, etc.

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