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Change the look of your Goliath Battlecruiser and render enemy laser attacks almost useless with this design's "Prismatic Shielding" capability. It'll also temporarily weaken your enemy's lasers, and give you 10% more shield power in return.

When activated, this skill weakens your opponents lasers to the point of where they are nearly useless. The second effect applied is that your lasers get damage lowered by 50%, but in return, damage dealt to your ship is reduced by 80%.


It costs 250,000 Uridium and it is available for bidding in Auction in the weekly tab.

It can also be gained by opening Pirate Booty Boxes (RARE!).



It is very useful in fights where the Spectrum is outnumbered, helping it to take more of a beating and still dish out one of its own, while staying alive. Prismatic Shielding has saved many players and cannot be countered by an EMP, unlike the special abilities of the Venom and Diminisher designs.

*Note, ALL skill abilities can be countered by a Spearhead's J-MAX ability.

  • The skill last for 30 seconds
  • It has a cooldown of 15 minutes
  • The skill only protects it's user against lasers, missiles and mines still deal the same amount of damage

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