A Speed generator is a type of equipment that is added on to ships to increase their speed when equipped in the active configuration.

How to get and equippingEdit

Speed generators may be obtained by:

  • Puchasing directly from the Shop, one is Uridium bought and the other five are weaker but bought with Credits.
  • Winning after bidding in Auction (elite gens.)
  • Some quests grant speed generators (mostly starter quests)

They can simply be equipped by inserting the generators into a ship's generator slots, unlike shield generators, which can be equipped on drones.

Generators may only be equipped when a player's ship is at a base or not logged in the game client.

Speed generatorsEdit

Several types of speed generator are available that vary in cost due to speed:

Speed generator Cost Speed increase
G3N-1010 2,000 Credits 2
G3N-2010 4,000 Credits 3
G3N-3210 8,000 Credits 4
G3N-3310 16,000 Credits 5

50,000 Credits

(was 1,000 Uridium, once available in Trade)

G3N-7900 2,000 Uridium
(available in Trade)

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