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Speed Generators are generators used to increase a ship's default speed when equipped in the active configuration.

Obtaining speed generatorsEdit

Speed generators may be obtained by:

  • Puchasing directly from the Shop, one is Uridium bought and the other five are weaker but bought with Credits.
  • Bidding on in Trade (elite speed generators).
  • Some quests grant speed generators (mostly starter quests)

Equipping speed generatorsEdit

Speed generators can only be equipped in a ship's generator slots, unlike shield generators, which can be equipped on drones.

Generators may only be equipped when a player's ship is at a base or not logged in the game client.

List of speed generatorsEdit

Several types of speed generator are available. They vary in their cost and speed increase.

Comparison of speed generators
Speed generator Cost Speed increase
G3N-1010 2,000 Credits 2
G3N-2010 4,000 Credits 3
G3N-3210 8,000 Credits 4
G3N-3310 16,000 Credits 5

50,000 Credits

(was 1,000 Uridium, once available in Trade)

G3N-7900 2,000 Uridium
(available in Trade)

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