Hit points 20,000
Shield 10,000
Average Damage 375-500
Base Speed 280?
Destroy Rewards

The StreuneR, a stronger version of the Streuner (found in X-1), are typically not a threat to any player who enter X-8. These Alien are a decent source of Uridium as they are easy to kill, swarm about your ship, and will not attack until fired upon. (Just like their "ancestors" the Streuners )


They are quite a surprise for a player who only just came to X-8 but they are only about the power of a Mordon, with higher speed, and slightly higher damage. Being easy to deal with for almost any type of ship provided the right lasers and ammunition, are at hand for the lower level ships, the StreuneR is nothing to be feared!


StreuneRs are located in:

Cargo Drop

Regular Ore Premium Ore
Prometium Endurium Terbium Prometid Duranium Promerium Xenomit
80 80 80 8 8 0 0


Base selling price: 7,200 credits


The following quests require you to destroy StreuneRs:


  • If you are "noob," watch out for the Boss StreuneR, which is slightly stronger each 1 hitting 1500 
  • StreuneR do not cause much damage to higher HP level ships, so will be fine taking them out.
  • Although StreuneR don't inflict much damage, they can take a while to destroy for those who have just gained access to X-8 and are in a weaker ship.


  • StreuneR used to resemble the graphics as the old graphic ship Defcom. After the graphic update, Defcom ships got the new graphics and StreuneRs remained with the old ones.

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