Super Ice Meteoroid

Super Ice Meteoroid

Hit points 3.600.000 on 4-4/4-5
Shield 2.400.000 on 4-4/4-5
Average Damage 1000+- (easy), 5000+- (hard)
Base Speed Middle-Slow
Destroy Rewards
EP440.000 (easy), 2.000.000 on 4-4/4-5Honor1600 (easy), 8000 on 4-4/4-5
Credits1.200.000 (easy), 6.000.000 on 4-4/4-5Uridium600 (easy), 3000 on 4-4/4-5
Official Description
Much different than the Ice Meteoroid, this alien should be dealt with extra caution due to it's extra damage output.

Super Ice Meteoroid is a rare and much stronger version of the original Ice Meteoroid and features a purple crystal color rather than the original blue. Note that Super Ice Meteoroids do not launch Super Icys.


Super Ice Meteoroid can only be found on 4-4 and 4-5, and during mission "The great escape (easy)" or "The great escape (Hard)" 2014.12.11, and other special events.



Cargo DropEdit

Regular Ore Premium Ore
Prometium Endurium Terbium Prometid Duranium Promerium Xenomit
2,400 2,400 2,400 1,024 1,024 128 512


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