Tartarus previue

Max Hit points 260,000 HP
Max Nano Hull 250,000
Cost 200,000 Uridium
Speed 220
Lasers 14
Generators 15
Batteries Unlimited
Rockets Unlimited
Extra 3
Cargo 1500
With Cargo Expander 3000
Cargo as Premium Member 2000
Cargo as Premium Member with Cargo Expander 4000
Destroy Rewards

When your opponents look for long enough into the abyss, you'll come screaming out of it with lasers to their face! The Tartarus merits its gloomy name. Equip it with the Chimera design for the P.E.T. and Phantom drone designs for the full matched set effect while Speed Boost is active.

This ship was released on June 2016

The ship abilities:

  • Rapid Fire: This ability loads your rocket launcher with the maximum possible number of rockets, and reduces your cooldown from three seconds to one!
  • Speed Boost: Hit the thrusters! Toggle this ability on to receive a speed bonus of 40%. Toggle it off to return to normal speed. Please note that your laser damage is reduced by 5% while this is active.

The Tartarus is all in all a Vengeance with the tankiness and nearly same firepower as Goliath, but also far faster than every other ship in the game as going with Speed Boost activated, max 7900-GENs and Promerium in Generators, it can hit a speed that not even Pusats or Spearheads can match using Wheel drone formation and the above mentioned setup. However, it is not to be confused with Goliath, for it's not a good PvE or PvP ship. It is better in the Hit and Run tactic for kills, not long fights as it will have to run and recharge shields, get ammo set up and the like.

Designs Edit

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