Tech Center

The Tech Center is where you can produce Tech Items or an Apis and Zeus drone. These items gradually aid you in combat and are built at different prices. The Tech Center is located in the Skylab and you can produce any item in the selection, but only one can be created and stored at a time. In order to have more items available, you have to pay 50,000 Uridium for the second slot. For the third slot, you must pay a high price of 100,000 Uridium (95,000 for Premium players). You can carry as many of the same item you want, and is only restricted by costs and the time required to construct them.

Available items to constructEdit


  • Apis drone: can be constructed with Uridium and pirate blueprints.
  • Zeus drone: can be constructed with the same amount of blueprints as Apis (Blueprints are only available from special events).

Tech Items:Edit

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