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The Test server is a special server, which is only activated during 


Test server pegar agora

the time when there is a new thing that has to be tested before it comes out. 

Once you log into the server you are automatically given 2,000,000 credits and 200,000 uridium. 

The last time when the server was activated was to test the Streuners gate. It was out for the 6 October, but also activated some times earlier. To find out more about the new stuff that is going to be released soon click >>HERE<<

During when the test server is activated, the Ignite Design costs 10,000,000,000 Uridium and some drone formations cost much more than they usually do.
IMG 1591
Test Home

Test home

Ignite in Test

Ignite costing 10 mil. Uri In test server

Formation in Test

Lance formation costing 2,147,483,647 Uri

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