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The Flying Pigs ClansEdit

Originally started on the UK server in early 2009. It was started to help others. The leader then and now, POBB didn't like the way some high ranked clans were bullying players. So took it upon myself to create a clan that would help new players. And to guide them on how to survive and how to become FE so they could look out for themselves.

It only had a few members back then and then POBB was headhunted into the Hardcore clan, that was dedicated to protecting MMO from invasion.

After a major illness, POBB decided to set up The Flying Pigs on the USA West server, where it has become a well established and respected clan.

The clan is now run by a council. And POBB has become more of a figurehead for the clan. He still test things out and passes on that knowledge, so that others can benefit from it.

The clan council controls everything, from help with funding and passing on advice. Every now and again, we get togather to organise events. So we can help get members to FE status as soon as possible.

We come from all over the world. So, for the most part, there should allways be someone online. There will be at least 1 council member on to help and assist nearly 24/7,although we can't promise that but we will try our best.

All council members and admin will help out whenever we can. If your having a problem just come on the our forum. Or look us up in game. And we will do our best to sort out the issue, within reason. Sometimes things cannot be helped. But we will do our best to arrange something.

Above all else. We want you to enjoy your game. we want you to get FE as fast as possible. We want to make sure you are safe from the bully's.

The clans ideals.

1. You will not fire upon another MMO unless fired upon first.

2. To help newcommers become FE.

3. To be respected throughout the game as decent and honorable players.

4. We will not accept outlaws. You will be kicked from clan if you become an outlaw.

5. We do not condone botting/cheats. You will be kicked if caught.


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