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DarkOrbit - Official Trailer - Bigpoint 201100:31

DarkOrbit - Official Trailer - Bigpoint 2011

DarkOrbit Nov. 2011 trailer

During the third millennium, Earth witnessed massive upheaval. Not only did the climate change drastically, but the very nature of the planet was slowly and inexorably altered. Human civilization had developed between two ice ages and reached its golden age during this warmer period in the Earth's climate. But the dramatic change in climate forced mankind to seek out new habitats. Naturally their gaze turned to the stars. In outer space they found a large abundance of raw materials and were able to establish colonies on planets far, far away, adapting quickly to the alien conditions. There followed a time of prosperity. In the end, human nature prevailed: Peace was threatened by the formation of three large companies that fought for control of the universe's resources. These three mighty companies have been waging war in outer space for centuries now. The stories you heard growing up inspired you to enroll in the Space Academy and do your bit to end this war. Exploring unknown galaxies and discovering strange space phenomena is what you've always wanted to do. Now that you've graduated, you can fulfill your dreams and join a company. Serve your company well and fight bravely for power, energy and resources. The fate of the universe rests in your hands!

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