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-›WhiteLazer‹- Board Admin Darkorbit [1] Join Date: 25.02.2010Posts: 3840 The bonus-box, the cargo-box and the raw materials.----

When doing quests you'll be asked to pick up certain Raw Ore.
This does not mean from cargo boxes, this means from the little rocks that you see on the maps when flying around.
Below are the pictures of each rock and what map they are in.


This is called Prometium, these can be found in x-1 and x-2 maps.


This is called Endurium, these can be found in x-1,x-2,x-3 and x-4 maps.
There is Endurium in certain maps than others, so best to take a good look around.


This is called Terbium, these can be found in x-2,x-3 and x-4 maps.
Just like Endurium there are more in certain maps.

Ore you won't find just lying around on maps are:
Prometid, Duranium, Xenomit, Promerium, Seprom.
These you will find in cargo boxes, these are shown below.

Cargo Box

This is your cargo box when you kill players or aliens.
You can click on this and you will receive a certain amount of Ore of all kinds into you cargo bay.


This cargo box, is the box of some other player, try not to click on these as you will lose honor, see this link for me info
>> Honor + Honor Points <<

The box will turn orange after 8 seconds, if the player doesn't pick it up, then you can pick their cargo box up without losing honor.
You can go to setting and turn off showing other people cargos by unticking the box below.


There are also shiny things called Bonus Boxes that float around the maps, shown below:

Bonus Box

You can click on these to receive some bonus items, as shown in this thread:
>> Bonus Items <<

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