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The protection systems for new players.----

As you new players are starting you'll be wanting protection from other players, this is possible.

If you're in your x-1 or x-2 map, your own company players cannot shoot you, so you won't die.
Remember other company players will be able to kill you so keep a watch out for them on the map. However, players on their x-1 map are safe from being attacked. However, this protection is forfeited if you attack a ship from an enemy company.
You will only be able to see enemies on x-1 map if you level 5 or below.
The picture below shows the enemy on the map:

Also, you have a yellow threat meter to the left of the map, this allows you to know when an enemy have entered the map.
This is visible in maps x-1 + x-2 of your own company.
Below shows you 2 enemies in map 2-1. If your threat meter has three or more sections, retreat to the nearest safe zone and wait it out.

Checking your map is very important when flying about and your a new player.

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