When you start the game, you should go here, on this wiki, to help you get started and also get useful information.

Here is what you should do when you start the game:

1. If you want to, spend the starting Uridium on some LF-2s or LF-3s, or also you can spend it on Booty Keys to try to get a LF-4, if you're lucky.

2. Then, you should try getting a decent ship, like a BigBoy or a Piranha.

3. Now you should get a decent Skylab. A decent Skylab is to get the Primary Ore modules to a higher level than the Secondary Ore modules, and the Secondary Ore modules AND the Xeno Module should be a higher level than the Promerium module and the Seprom module should be lower than all the modules. Make sure your Seprom module is the lowest.

4. Send Promerium to your ship from the skylab by clicking the Transport module and going to the Promerium bar and typing in your ships cargo. You must first sell everything at your Base in the X-1 map corresponding to your Company. Xenomit and Palladium do not count in your ships cargo.

5. Keep sending Promerium to your ship and gather about 1 million credits and buy HST-1.

6. Get 5 million credits then bid on leonov and HST-2.

Congratulations! You Are Not A Newb Anymore!!!

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