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Getting startedEdit

  • Upon starting the game, you are given a REP-S repair bot which repairs your ship's HP in 165 seconds. It repairs small ships at a slow rate, but gets a little faster HP recovery rate for higher Credit bought ships such as the Nostromo and BigBoy. As you start to pull in credits, try to go for the REP-2 or REP-3. Save the REP-4 for last.
  • Begin upgrading your Skylab's components to at least level 1. Prometium, Endurium, and Terbium are converted to Prometid and Duranium, which are then converted to Promerium. The price of 1 Promerium rock is 500 Credits (which increases for higher Honor point players).
  • On your X-1 map, if you happen to see a red dot with a yellow box around it on your minimap, do not fire at it. It is an enemy player which has reached your home starting map. X-1 has a player protection, meaning enemies cannot fire upon you unless you fire upon them first. You can do your normal activities such as killing Streuner and collecting Bonus Boxes, as long as your do not shoot the enemy.
  • Around the outskirts of the space maps, there is a Radiation Zone which destroys ships that stay in that zone for too long, increasing the damage dealt the further out you go.
  • You earn more Credits for killing Streuner aliens than you do collecting Ore.
  • If considering to fight enemy players, upgrade your equipment using Promerium and Seprom, which will give you a major boost against your enemy.
  • Make sure to check the 'Galaxy Gates' page often to use Galaxy Gate Energy for the Galaxy Gate Generator collected from Bonus Boxes, which give you various items and Galaxy Gate parts.
  • Log in daily to reach the Bonus 5 from Daily Login Bonus, which will save the worry from getting destroyed in a Uridium bought ship such as the Vengeance or Goliath and having to buy it again.
  • While hunting aliens, make sure to check the minimap for unusual red dot activity. Enemy players like to n defeat Devolariums by "Kiting", a technique used in many MMOs by luring the stronger opponent with slower speed while attacking it while they are out of the adversary's attack range.

Player Tips and Tricks:Edit


For slow ships (especially BigBoys and Goliaths) you do not fully equip the 2 Configurations. If your slow use the Configuration, you can switch Configurations in game every 5 seconds.

Configuration 1:

Full lasers

Full speed generators on the ship 

Full shield generators on drones

Buy the BO-2 ones, but make sure to make lots of uridium/credits to repair  your ship again after you die, so as soon as you get 2000 uridium save it up to put forward to upgrading Shields. This will help you last longer if being attacked. Try to bid for speed generators and BO-2's. I would recommend that you bid 10k late at night if you want to save creds but also try to bid on REP-3, it REALLY helps. 

Configuration 2:

Full lasers

Full shield generators on the ship

Full lasers on drones

Drones get more lasers, its tank mode, its supposed to be a mode where you can hit back hard while you try and limp back to a gate or help (you still might get killed).

Full elite configurations:Edit

Config 1. All lF3 lazers and all top speed engines on ship. on drones, 3 lF3 lazers and the rest Bo2 shields.

Config 2. All lF3 lazers and all Bo2 shields on ship. All Bo2 shields on drones.

If the enemy is starting to run away when you get in a pvp battles, you can easily swap to the 1 config and finish that enemy off. Sometimes this configuration works on vengeances' but you got to be quick in changing configs and chase them down and be sure to have: smart bomb, 3 second shield, loads of mines, and x-3/x-4. Even if you don't have the extras, you always got to have x-3/x-4 lasers with you or you'll never win the battles you ever get into. 

Outfit tips:Edit

If your a small ship i.e. nostronomo or smaller then try to have people with you in an outfit to help you pop the bigger ships. If you are in an outfit, it's better to do quests to level up quicker.  

Try stay near to a portal where there are a few minimum players from your company. If there isn't anybody then keep your distance from portals as any enemy could just come through the portal and kill you while your occupied.

When shooting an alien, circle around it because there is a bigger change that their shots will miss you. The technique of "going around the Alien" is called circling.

Try to avoid the Alien's attacks especially if its big e.g. Mord, Dev, Sib, BK or others. If your sheild is low then you can regenerate it when you are attacking the alien considering it does not hit you. When your shield is low you can switch config and voila! U got a full shield!

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