Starting the gameEdit

  • Getting started with DarkOrbit, you begin with a repair bot named REP-S that repairs your selected ship's health. As you start to earn Credits, try purchasing the REP-4 repair bot; You can also find it cheap in the Auction.
  • Begin upgrading your Skylab's components to at least level 1. Prometium, Endurium, and Terbium are converted to Prometid and Duranium, which are then converted to Promerium. The price of 1 Promerium rock is 500 Credits (which increases for higher Honor point players).
  • On your X-1 map, if you happen to see a red dot with a yellow box around it on your minimap, do not fire at it. It is an enemy player which has reached your home starting map. X-1 has a player protection, meaning enemies cannot fire upon you unless you fire upon them first. You can do your normal activities such as killing Streuner and collecting Bonus Boxes, as long as your do not shoot the enemy.
  • Around the outskirts of the space maps, there is a Radiation Zone which destroys ships that stay in that zone for too long, increasing the damage dealt the further out you go.
  • You earn more Credits for killing Streuner aliens than you do collecting Ore.
  • If considering to fight enemy players, upgrade your equipment using Promerium and Seprom, which will give you a major boost against your enemy.
  • Make sure to check the 'Galaxy Gates' page often to use Galaxy Gate Energy for the Galaxy Gate Generator collected from Bonus Boxes, which give you various items and Galaxy Gate parts.
  • Log in daily to reach the Bonus 5 from Daily Login Bonus, which will save the worry from getting destroyed in a Uridium bought ship such as the Vengeance or Goliath and having to buy it again.
  • While hunting aliens, make sure to check the minimap for unusual red dot activity. Keep in mind that if you see a swarm of red dots following another red dot, you should run to the nearest portal if it appears to be moving really fast usually an invader (You can stay and fight if you think your are capable). In addition if you are swarmed by aliens and you got jumped by an enemy player in the process of shooting aliens, you should use EMP-01 and cloak yourself (Highly effective). This should only be done if you have a relatively fast ship or you desperately need to get away.

For playersEdit

When starting off, don't try to get the Goliath nor the BigBoy ships just yet but instead try the Vengeance or Nostromo ships since the Goliath and BigBoy ships are both slow and most beginners cannot fill them to the maximum capacity yet. The Vengeance and Nostromo both have decent amounts laser, generator, and extra slots and much faster despite having slightly less firepower than the Goliath or BigBoy.

Configuration 1: Edit

Best fighting configuration for Goliath is

  • 15 Lasers in ship
  • 10 SG3N-B02 in ship
  • 5 G3N-7900 in ship and rest lasers
  • 16 Laser in drones

For farming with any ship

  • 15 Lasers in ship and full lasers in drones
  • 15 SG3N-B02 in ship

For speed "farming"

  • 15 Laser in ship
  • 15 G3N-790
  • Full SG3N-B02 in drones

Buy the SG3N-B02 shield generator (costs 10,000 uridium each). You can also bid on the generator but the price varies from server to server. It is advised to bid later in the day or at night (server time) to have a better chance of winning and obtaining the generator (5,000,000-10,000,000 credits should do). If you are looking for a cheap replacement, you can buy the SG3N-B01 or the SG3N-A03 with only credits but both shield power and absorption is lower than the SG3N-B02.

Configuration 2: Edit

  • Full lasers
  • Full shield generators on the ship
  • Full lasers on drones

This is considered the "Tank" configuration. You have high damage capabilities along with high shields; good for running to a nearby portal or going out with a fight.

Full-Elite configuration: Edit

  • All LF3 lasers and all G3N-7900 engines on ship. On drones, 8 LF3 lasers and the rest SG3N-B02 shields.


  • All LF3 lasers and all G3N-7900 engines on ship. All SG3N-B02 shields on drones.

Fighting Edit

If the enemy is starting to run away when you get in a PVP battles, you can easily swap to the first configuration and finish that enemy off. Sometimes this configuration works on a Vengeance but you got to be quick in changing configurations and chase them down and be sure to have: SMB-01, ISH-01, any hellstorm rocket with HST-2, any type of regular rockets and MCB-50/UCB-100 (RSB-75 is optional). Sometimes LCB-10 and/or MCB-25 should do the trick.

Try stay near to a portal where there are a few players from your company. If there isn't anybody then go to a portal that does not jump to any battle maps and do your business there. Jump if you have to if an enemy player pops up.

When shooting an alien, circle around it because there is a bigger chance that their shots will miss you. The technique of "going around the Alien" is called circling.

Try to avoid the alien's attacks especially if its big e.g. Mordon, Devolarium, Sibelon, Kristallon or others. If your shield is low then you can regenerate it when you are attacking the alien considering it does not hit you. When your shield is low you can switch configurations and voila! You got a full shield!

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